I get a lot of support calls from folks whose have problems converting Problems converting Powerpoint to HTML. Although we put a lot of work into Powerpoint translation, its quite a complicated process, and we cannot always get it 100% right. I have put together a few guidelines for easing your Powerpoint conversion woes.

Tip 1: No animations? Then save to PDF. 

The best way to get an accurate conversion of your slides is to first save your Powerpoint to PDF, and then upload it to Zeetings. Because of the way we convert PDF’s, its much more likely that you slides will look like the originals when viewed in Zeetings. Unfortunately this method does not preserve animations.

Tip 2: Embed Fonts

Many times fonts will not be translated correctly. As we don’t have a licence or access to fonts that your Powerpoint is using. In this instance you can embed your fonts inside you Powerpoint deck, and we can translate them for you. Unfortunately the ability to embed fonts in PPT is only supported in the Windows version of Powerpoint (sorry you Mac Heads!).

Tip 3: You’re out of luck

Some things we flat out just don’t support and this may require you to adjust your raw Powerpoint accordingly. Minor font-sizing issues and alignment issues fall into this category. We don’t support clip art animations. Sorry 🙁

Tip 4: Don’t push the boundaries

Just so you don’t swamp us, we have a artificial maximum file size of 102mgb. If your deck is bigger than this, just upload it in chunks. Usually if a deck is this big you have high res images, or videos. I would recommend removing videos (more on that in another post), and compressing high res images in Powerpoint before upload to Zeetings.

So there you have it,  a couple of tips so your Powerpoint conversion goes smoothly. Remember, don’t bang your head too much if you cannot get it to work, just send me an email and I am happy to help.

Happy Zeeting

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